Howard County Mineral Lease

Thanks for any help in advance.

In December 2008 I was paid for my portion of the mineral rights by Choate Co.

In November 2012 I was paid by Apache Corp.

In December 2016 I was told by some relatives that they had been paid by QStar.

While trying to get this rectified, QStar was sold to SM Energy.

I have been dealing with SM since March 2017. Sent them mothers death certificate, cousins names for reference. I have contacted SM every month with no satisfaction.

Property description: SE/4, Section 23, Block 31, T-2-N.

Mothers name Evie Lois Sheridan.


Ed Sheridan

I am actually in the process of looking into lease statuses for a family who owns minerals in sections adjacent to 23-31-T2N. What exactly are you trying to determine? Are you trying to figure out if your interest is currently held by a lease?

Thanks for your reply. I guess i'm looking for proof of ownership. I live in Florida so I can't go to the county courthouse and research documents.




Unfortunately that is easier said than done. If you wish to hire someone to do so for you, then feel free to message me directly and I will give you my contact information so we can discuss. However, if you don't wish to hire someone, you'll likely not be able to determine what you own. That is, unless you pay for an abstract, courthouse record subscriptions and then spend ample time researching everything.


Blake P.

Mr. Sheridan,

Are you saying that your family members were leased, and you were not? It could be that the reluctance to lease you is that title has not been sufficiently proven up. I do not know why they would not have taken a look into the matter sooner though if they are active in that area.

If I understand you correctly, you inherited your interest from your mother? A death certificate would not be sufficient proof to vest title, and would only serve as notice that the party is deceased, but not who their heirs are. Did she leave a will and was that will probated? If so, that would need to filed in the Howard County clerk's office. If she did not, you need to have an affidavit of heirship drafted that clearly specifies who your mothers heirs are, and file that of record.

Those are just my thoughts based upon my assumptions. As far as getting SM to move, I'd say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you are looking to lease, you could always try to lease with another group.


Ed, Wade Choate was a good friend of mine. Former Mayor of Big Spring. His son Kyle is running the land business now as Wade has passed. I believe they are in Midland now. Contact them and they can be of great assistance. Don’t know what their day rate is but iy will be cheaper than a lawyer.