Howard County Inherited Mineral Rights

Hi All! I am new to this, so please bear with me. My sisters and I each inherited mineral rights to the S/2 of Sec. 30, Blk. 33, T-3-N, Howard County. We're not even sure what this all means. We receive multiple letters each month regarding leasing or purchasing. We are considering selling. Could someone help us out as far as to where this is, any activity, and how we could find out what about its value? Actually, any information would be helpful! Thanks so much in advance.

This same thing happened to me and my sister in May. The first thing I did was go to the Railroad Commission's website and clicked on the interactive map. Then on the top, scroll to Howard County. Then zoom click onto your section. If there are green dots then those are producing oil wells. There were 9 on mine when we had been told it was on property that would probably never be drilled on. Next, find out who is the oil producer for those wells and then call them and ask to speak to someone in their land dept. Ask if they have any monies in suspense for whomever you inherited from. I chose not to sell as I read more and more about that particular area. Hope this helps.

Susan - Callon Petroleum has drilled and completed a horizontal well, the Silver City Unit A 1H, through your section. Although I don't see any production data for that well yet, you will be entitled to royalties from that well when it starts producing. That's a great area in which to own minerals. How many acres, your royalty rate, and Callon's success with making a good well will determine your future royalty income. The fact you are getting close to receiving royalties is why you are receiving so many letters.

I sent you a friend request. You are in a very good area.

Thank you so much, Judy! That sounds like a great place to start...

You are so welcome! The one thing I know is this: Take a deep breath and do not rush into anything because if one wants to buy there are 5 others that will buy. Do not sign anything until you have gotten legal counsel. There are some great oil and gas attorneys that are very fair on price. I have one that I am using and have been very very pleased. If you just pull up that interactive map you will see thousands of oil wells all around you. It appears that there is a horizontal well that you would get royalties on already. I knew zero about any of this in May but just started reading and asking questions and I am elated that I did! I'm not selling!

Thank you Judy! It is all a bit confusing, and I really appreciate your advice. I'm going to ask questions and start reading, as you said, and may contact you again, if that's ok. Thank you!

Susan, I would suggest you not sell the minerals. Based on the area where they are located, and the activity on the Section, you will be able to name your price to lease them. By posting on here, you are probably going to get inundated with folks that want to buy your minerals. My suggestion would be to reach out to one of the forum sponsors that may know who is leasing in that area, and obtain some competing offers:

Here is a map showing Section 30, and the activity in and around the property.

Thank you!

I agree with Wolfcamp Shale about your not selling and being able to name excellent lease terms. There is something you may want to consider instead of selling or leasing, and that is remaining an unleased royalty owner. As such, once the operator recoups their drilling expense you will be entitled to 100% of your minerals produced instead of a 25% (the minimum I would expect) royalty.

Hi Donald,

Thank you so much for your reply. I think we were really naive a few years ago and leased the rights. So are we stuck forever with the lease? I believe it was a three year lease but I've been informed that leases can be extended without our approval . In this case, are we better for off selling?

Thank you!


I would be very surprised if you will get to lease any time soon. The production in you section will more than likely hold your lease for many years. That is a good thing for receiving royalty payments off of the production of the wells in your section.


Susan, I pulled up your lease in the Howard County records. It looks like the lease is still within the primary term. Since a well has been drilled, completed, and is now shut-in, I imagine Callon will pay you shut-in royalties according to Paragraph 3 of your lease while they wait for commodity prices to bounce back. With this being the case, remaining an unleased mineral owner is not an option. Depending on how much acreage you own, I think you would be extremely disappointed a few years from now if you sold. These sections have room to pack dozens of wells...

I've been really impressed with how helpful everybody has been on this forum, and i am so appreciative of your responses. Thank you!

Thank you for the info!

The Silver City Unit A 1H was originally drilled by Big Star Oil. They (Big Star) have assigned alot of their leases to Callon, keeping some overiding interest. I have a well on property that I am an interest owner with Big Star. The well started producing in April 2015. I have not received any royalty payments. I have realized that the big fish (oil companies) do not have your (royalty interest owners) best interest. Really eduacate yourself to the whole process. Wish you the best of luck.


I can tell you that Callon is a very good operator. I worked as their land manager and have a lot of friends in the land department there. If you need any help, let me know and I can help put you with the right people. I typically tell people not to sell their minerals, but if you want the cash now instead of waiting for it to come via royalty payments and are going to sell, sell them to me! :-)

Best of luck!