Howard County Frac Hit

We have been told that our wells in Sec 32, Howard County, TX received a frac hit and severely impacted our production. Anyone know anything about this?

If you are talking about Block 31, T2N then yes. Our royalties for February production were over 90% less.

We’ve been affected as well. I knew about the frac hit while wells were being drilled last Spring. Has there been another one?

Frac hits occur when an offset well is completed and the fractures extend into your well. This happens due to fracture energy searching for low pressure/stress areas. Usually to combat a frac hit an Operator will shut in offset wells which increases the pressure in the reservoir preventing new fractures from extending into your part of the reservoir. It doesn’t always work and has been a big issue over the past few years with wells being completed so close together in both the vertical and horizontal sense. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

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Is this your section?

Not sure but I think these Frac hits were around November, December 2021

Yes that is in the general area.

I got hit as well. Block 32, operator Crownquest. Original well was Bosque 6.

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