How would I obtain a production statement?


How would I obtain a production statement for the below well?

MOELLER 1408 1-16MH, operator is Marathon.



It would be more useful if you post your question in the correct state and county with the legal location.

I can tell where it is by the info in the well name. It is in 14N-08W and you can find it in the OK tax website by typing in the name in the leasename box. It will give you information going back about 12 months. However, your check stubs have that information on them back to day one if you kept them. The surface location is in 21.



I apologize-- I thought I was in the correct state and county. Thank you for the detailed information.



I moved it over there for you. You may also be able to get the complete run sheet on the production from the Marathon owner relations website if you sign up.