How to transfer payee shown on a division order?

My father had his division order payee changed to his living trust years ago. He died in 1996 and then my brother and I became the co-successor trustees. But we never changed the division order payee and just deposited the monthly royalty checks into his trust bank account. So we are old now and want to change the payee to be our own living trust. I've tried getting info on how to make this change from the lease operator's landman and am not getting any help.

Most oil companies want evidence of transfer of title from the deed records in that state, demonstrating the transfer of the minerals from the living trust to the individual beneficiaries. If you have not filed the appropriate documents in the deed records, then you need to consult an attorney to get the title cleared. This can be a more involved process when there has been a long delay (in your case 21 years). Then you will need to transfer the title from you individually into your own living trust.