How to transfer ownership in Williams County ND

My Father passed away years ago and I was notified by a person from Equinor that I need to transfer ownership. I doint have any idea what I need to do.

I’ve got some inherited interests in the same county. Would suggest you seek out a lawyer to help you with this issue. My brother and I did that and got everything transferred into our names quickly and efficiently, albeit at a cost. There are numerous ND law firms that have become specialists in oil-related topics.

Would add that the majority interest in Equinor is owned by the state of Norway. The company used to be Statoil, if you’re interested in reading more about it.

Good luck!


Many questions need to be answered but the first would be did your father have a will, if the answer is yes, was that will probated? If the will was probated, was it done so in Williams County?

Let’s assume all of the answers above are yes, the personal representative of the estate will need to complete a Personal Representatives Mineral Deed transferring the interests. That is the easy solution, assuming that any of the answers above are no, then there could be multiple steps that need to be taken.