How to Start Leasing Oil & Gas Minerals?

Hello Friends some body tell me what is the first step to start leasing Land?


This is a broad question but here are a few things to consider: I would familiarize myself with the basic contents of lease including the current bonus amounts for your area along with the % royalty and lease term (I prefer no longer than 3 years). Educate yourself on other aspects of a lease such as "pugh clauses". You can research this and other areas of a lease on this forum. Learn which operators are leasing in your area and contact them in regards to their interest in your minerals. If your'e minerals are located in a "hot" area, most likely some landman will find you through research at the County Clerks's office. Make sure your records are on file correctly at the County Clerk office such as correct contact info. Again, if your area is active, someone will find you. Also, if you recieve a lease offer, you can always post the info on this forum as someone might have minerals in your area and advise you on your offer.


Mr. Mallory hit the nail on the head. The very first thing that comes to mind is that oil & gas companies will find you when they are interested. That should not deter you from being aware of what is going on in your area. Sometimes leasing can get so hot that companies would jump at the chance of you contacting them, but that is only in the very hottest of areas. Otherwise, operators lease minerals as needed and will try not to over extend their leasing past what they might reasonably be able to drill during the term of a lease.

Cross your fingers that you're in an area where multiple operators are competing for leases.

As a Landman we will contact the oil companies?