How to sort out my mineral title

Hi all. About 15 years ago I inherited (4th generation) partial ownership of a couple of areas in Stephens County and I am trying to find more information. It seems like there is more interest in leasing the rights lately, and I have also started receiving a BUNCH of letters from companies that want to buy them (ain’t hapnin!).
I have some information on what section/township/range they are in, but one of the things I am looking for is a map showing exactly where the sections, etc. are. The other thing I am looking for is some place to write to (that kinda dates me, doesn’t it?), or email/website/whatever to find out how many acres they are, and what my percentage of ownership is. I have a bunch of paperwork to look through, but every time I start, my ears start ringing, my eyes glaze over, and I hurt my neck when I pass out from boredom. There must be some sort of official repository for that info since there is so much money involved.
The last company that has contacted me is Quantum Resources, LLC, and talking with the rep he said that they searched the records. What records? I have tried searching this forum but have not found anything yet. There was one link that someone posted, but the link led to the infamous 404 error telling me that it must have been archived.

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It is much more helpful if you put the Township and Range in the topic line. There are many 8s and 9s. I am attaching a map that will help you for Stephens County. It will help you located your minerals.
Stephens County Map.pdf (391.8 KB)

Sorry, but you really do have to slog through putting a list together. There is a nice template on the NARO website. National Association of Royalty owners. Here is a link. Thanks to Wade Caldwell for posting it. I do the spreadsheet in Excel as it is much easier for me that way.

The county courthouse is the repository, but if you have probate documents, OCC cases, other paperwork, you are going to have to work through it. Otherwise, you will have to pay a landman to do it. If you manage your minerals well, you may make more money by being diligent and on top of things.

There is a very good topic posted in the Canadian County area for Inexperienced owers with very useful links.

A useful website is It is only digitized back into the early 90’s, but may be helpful for you.

Ask lots of questions and get up to speed.

Lots of good info there. Thank you. For future reference, My interests are Section 8, Township 1S, Range 5W, and Section 9, Township 1S Range 5W. It is interesting that the link for the template has the name “Parker” at the top since this is handed down from the Parker family.

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Land records are a great starting point but don’t forget probate records as well.