How to see if inherited shares are added to my holdings

Have mineral rights. Brother dies, recieve share of his. Mother dies. Recieve share of hers. Have a “division order total” this reflects orginal% plus additional %(brothers?) plus another additional %(mothers?). Dated November 1, 2008. But when I look on monthly statements I see no increase in %. Fast forward to today BP sold to Linn. Linn sold to Scout Energy. The % are correct on Scout statements. Why were they not for 3-4 years on BO statements? Is there anyone that can read my statements and see if BP did pay me correctly?

The discrepancy should be communicated to the company responsible for the payments. Chances are that the funds were shown in their records as being in suspense for your mother and brother. Show them the revised DO with your % as shown in your check stubs.

Pat: It is the mineral owners responsibility to notify operators of a change in ownership. Did you notify BP/Linn of the passing of your brother & mother? Chances are Scout undated the title before they sent out new DO’s. Richard is correct. You should inquire to BP/Linn as to any suspended revenue for your brother & mother.

Yes we did and I have a division order interest dates 11/01/2008. Shows 2 additions to his orginal shares. But I am not seeing changes on monthly statements

Sounds like the right hand (Division Order Dept) didn’t communicate with the left hand (Revenue Dept.). You need to contact BP & Linn, although Linn is no longer having filed bankruptcy.