How to run title

I need to run Title on mineral rights in a survey in East Texas in Jefferson County. There are supposedly numerous parties who own a share in the same 700 acre tract that is identified in my Mineral deed, so I need to track them all down. Could someone give me a contact and maybe a thumbnail estimate as to how much it should cost to run title on a Deed with multiple share holders? I may be isnterested , if I keep this Deed, in leasing and need to know who else needs tobe contacted and how many times the pie slice has been divided to know if it is even worth my time.



I would recommend you contact Juddson Culpepper at 903-707-4499, or He owns a brokerage that has been operating in East Texas for 6+ years, and is one of the best landmen I know. He can take care of your needs and get you an estimate.

Hi Bill -

Mineral Acreage in East Texas can be owned by literally hundreds of people per acre. But there may be a way to identify a good many, if not all of the present day owners if there is any production on the lands.

If you will post the legal description(s) of the properties, I will be happy to see what is going on on the lands (Drilling and Production wise).

If you want to send the information privately, accept my offer to become A Friend on The Forum and you can send me the information that way.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas