How to research specifics

We have had lease proposals in Carter County (24-4S-1W) that I have found unsatisfactory and negotiations subsequently ended--specifically, the royalty interest is the sticking point. I can agree on primary term, paid up or with delay rentals, and bonus lease consideration money, but getting beyond what I consider too small a royalty percentage just doesn't happen. So we never get to the point where I can present them with a copy of the lease form(s) we use. Because we own a relatively small percentage (i.e. 1/6th of undivided 110 acres) I feel my negotiating power is limited. If many of the other mineral owners in the same undivided mineral parcel sign leases, can the oil company go ahead and drill? What percentage of owners do they have to have to drill? How can I found out if drilling has commenced? Just knowing that there is activity in


doesn't allow me to hone in on our particular acreage. How do I do that? Does one have to subscribe to a service to do this? Any suggestions as to how to research these specifics would be greatly appreciated.

They will force pool you which is no big deal and you will get to pick from what they paid for leases in the eight units around you . I can find what you need .

What are you trying to get ?

I understand force pooling, but what do you mean about the 8 units around me?

How many of the other minerals owners of the 190 acres have signed leases?

How do I locate this mineral acreage on a map?

Do I have to subscribe to a service to do this?

How do I research nearby production, if any?

Leasing activity within, say a 1/2 mile radius of

The NW of the NW of the NE

and the E-half of the W-half of the NE

and the E-half of the E-half of the SW

and the W-half of the SE and the W-half

of the SE of the SW, all in

Section 34 Township 6S Range 1W

Basically I know nothing when it comes to these descriptors, other than what I find on the internet and I cannot quite get my mind around it! Where can I go to learn?

If they space the well on 640 acres ,a section, then 8 units would be the eight sections around you . What royalty are you trying to get ? Do you have a map ?

are you in 34-6s-1w or 24-4s-1w or both