How to research production

Have been checking the RR site for information on wells drilled in the area near, or adjacent to, acreage on which our family owns a very small percentage of the minerals. We only share in royalty. I find some completed wells which show green dots which I think means they are producing. Don't know how to research what the production is, but would like to find out.

Hi, have you tried to google the wells name? If the does not find your data, find your state's oil and gas division website. They should have the monthly production that was to them by the oil company.

Check this video - it shows you how to check out the production on wells close to you

When you see the "green dots" look on the right side of the screen, there's a drop down menu under "tools" click identify wells, and then click the green dot. A new screen will pop up, on the left side at the bottom there another link, can't remember exactly what it says, but you will find a production query there. That will let you know what the most recent data available to the rrc. Good Luck!!!