How to Research Oil Leases

I would like to know how to research possible lease agreements on one owner property. One oil company is saying they already have a lease on a certain section while another company is wanting to lease that property.


You might give this a try>>>

Clint Liles

thanks! I guess they don't provide that service. If I were to go to the courthouse in person, what would I need to search for ? I am not sure how to start "looking".

Just tell the clerk/employee what you are searching for. I'm sure they will be able to help or advise you on your next move.

Clint Liles

Ok!!! Thanks!!

Dear Ms. Wells,

Ask company no 2 for a copy of their runsheet and copies of previous lease(s). Tell them your concern and that you want to be clear on your ownership prior to any negotiations.

Also, tell them that you would want a disclaimer of warranty in the lease form itself (not deleting the warranty, but disclaiming it. See:


Buddy Cotten

I will read the info on the warranty and again, thank you for your help!!