How to prove deed valid

I have inherited from my mother a 1/4 interest in four lots in Big Wells, and my cousins share the other 3/4. The title on the property is outdated by two generations.I have the original gift deed signed by my mother in 2001 but never recorded, and I have copies of the deeds from Fannie Vesper and Marie Strait giving the land to my mother and her three brothers in the 1930s. (But for some reason, the title is in the name of my grandfather, who died in the 1920s). I have put my name and address on the records to receive the tax bill and have paid it for last year. What do I do now to get the deed title updated?

Also, does anyone have experience with current efforts by Tomahawk Land Resources to lease all the mineral rights in Big Wells?

See the directory, don’t be afraid to reach out to one of the Texas attorneys.

Thank you for this link