How to protect my remainderman rights

I’m considering the sale of a mineral interest. A mineral deed of course would be the conveyance document. The property is in Texas.

Another relative also has a partial interest in this property as well. When they pass away, that is to go to me and my sister. So, what, if anything, protects us (sister and me) from losing those future rights were we to sell our current mineral rights at this time?

I believe I am what is known as a “remainder man” - is that correct?

Have a Texas attorney review and advise you because the current documents must be understood before anyone would hazard an opinion.

I agree with Richard’s advice. A Texas attorney would need to advise you on (1) the nature of what you own now in the partial interest owned by the other relative; and (2) the sales transaction of your current interest (to ensure that you were not also conveying away your future interest in the interest owned by the other relative).

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