How to obtain copies Lea Co leases

Can anyone point me to a source (or multiple sources) to obtain copies of the lease documents for several mineral interests I have in Lea Co. Most of my properties are held by production with 50 year old wells incorporated into units. I have copies of the lease documents, post about 1985; and all of the mineral deeds covering the property; however most of the production (and of course lease documents) are a lot older. I will appreciate any assistance as I attempt to get my records in proper order.

Hi Archie,

Best bet is to go to the county clerks office . Hire a landman to go thru the records and make copies of your leases which should have been filed of record. I don’t check this forum as often as I should so am just seeing your question. I have numerous mineral properties in Lea County, NM.

Thank you -- that is the route I am pursuing

YOU can look it up, IF you don't mind going to LEA COUNTY COURT HOUSE in Lovington, NM you can got to the County Clerks office and do this yourself.

I just spent the past day and a half combing over the records in Elliot & Waldron Abstract & Title office looking up information that you need BEFORE you go to the County Clerks office. It's not hard, just be nice, tell them it's your 'first time and you don't know what you are doing'. BE NICE.

I just posted a reply on a question about just this.

If you have questions, let me know.

jim w

thanks -- I'm working up a trip to NM in the late spring, something I have put off for years. I have all my legal docs so I plan to camp out in the clerk's office (and I will be very nice). Archie



A couple of things. BEFORE you come out to NM, make reservations with confirmation numbers. We have normally called a few days in advance and could make reservations with no problems.

Due to a short time frame decision, we did not this time. We Just called the day before. WE GOT THE LAST ROOM that the Marriott Town Place suites had (twin queen) - we tried two other hotels and they had NO rooms. My wife asked if there was a convention in town and all three hotels said the same thing, "No, it's just the oil and gas workers"...

Stay in Hobbs, not Lovington. WAY more choices of hotels, restaurants and Hobbs has a casino that I have yet to visit (never had the time but one of these days). It is 22 miles drive from Hobbs to Lovington and it's a four line highway in good repair and it's BUSY all day long.

I have been answering similar questions from Terrie as well in this thread and it should give answers to most of your questions. If not, ask away.

And if you do not have the Emaps link, here is the one I use for Lea County NM

to see the whole country, visit

Then chose a state they serve and then a county. Then away you go. I have only used it for showing Section Township Range as maps, from large overview to close in to view of a single section - it's all map form. But I have not really spent a lot of time but a brief overview tells me I am going to have to spend some more time taking advantage of this software.

Hi Rick I know we aren’t friends but sure could use some help in finding my great grandfather and grandpa also. I’m a Heir and don’t know exactly how to do all this