How to look up drilling permits

How do I look up drilling permits in OK. I am looking to see if there is any thing going on in sec 14 range 8S 2E been getting lots of offers to buy the min.

The permits in OK are listed by surface location and can be found at the OCC wellrecords site.
Test. Form 1000 is the permit.

With horizontal wells, you have to look for the permits in the sections nearby as the wells are often spud in the contiguous section, but only perforated in the sections of interest. Sections 6 and 9 are the only sections in that township right now that have permits.

There has been quite a bit of leasing in that township in the last few months. Something is brewing. You should have all the OCC cases that XTO just filed for your section. If you are not leased, watch for the pooling one especially as you only have 20 days to answer. XTO is planning a HZ well for section 14 & 11.

Any time I get lots of offers to buy, somebody knows something and they want to make a profit off of my minerals. I would prefer to have that profit instead…

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