How To Locate Mineral Rights .. Small Owner

I inherited tiny fractional amounts of mineral rights from a great uncle in the 1960’s. My mother (now deceased) also received larger amounts from the same uncle. Lately, my holdings have come to my attention in both ND and OK. I would like to locate my deceased mother’s holdings as I am her beneficiary. Already, an estranged sibling filed a ‘quiet title’ in ND, without my knowledge, and took part of the inheritance. I am concerned this may happen also in OK. How do I locate any interests which may be held in my mother’s name? I’m on the west coast and have no idea where in Oklahoma mineral rights might be in her name, so I have no ideas how to start. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Mr. Peterson:

You can go to and put in your mothers name, or yours, and see what comes up. That will cover most counties. If you provide her name, we can do a more in depth search to help you out.

Todd M. Baker

To see if an Oklahoma Quiet Title Action has been filed. Search here: OSCN.Net Input your, your sibling’s your mother’s name, and your uncle’s names for quiet titles and probates.

If you were not noticed in the ND case you may be able to challenge even if a judgment has been entered. This would require visiting with a ND attorney. will only covery about 65 counties. A handful are provide searches using different platforms. Some like Grady & Tulsa County require a subscription. Oklahoma County Land Records Online Search

Thank you for your help.

The quiet title is 10 years old … could you comment on whether that is outside the time limits to challenge one?

Thank you for your help.

Sorry, this would require reviewing the facts of the case. Also, would require a conflict check on my end. I certainly could not comment on a quiet title in another state.