How to lease my mineral rights in Weld County,Colorado

Location of mineral rights:

1. 4-8N-61W

2. 5-8N-61W

3. 7-8N-61W

4. 8-8N-61W

5. 17-8N-61W

6. 19-8N-61W

Who do I call or Email to get information?

Based on your location, you appear to be right on the western fringe of the productive area known as the "Colorado Mineral Belt" I'm guessing that you were leased and have recently had your lease dropped. As oil prices have dropped, Companies have understandably pulled back to just the best areas and are letting the fringes go.

Make sure your ownership is correctly shown in the courthouse. Other than that there's not much you can do. You could try contacting the Land Department at Noble or Carrizo since they are the closest operators to you, but I don't think it would help. Believe me, if a Company likes where you are they will find you.

It’s true that the companies have withdrew from the fringes. But that’s just all temporary. For all of the obvious reasons.

Steve, that’s so true.Patients and awareness is what this game is all about.