How to lease in Columbiana County Ohio - 19 acres


We are confused at what is going on by us right now. Last year we were approached by DPS Penn saying they were working for Cheasapeak and offered us a lease. At that time all the leases were on the low side so we decided to sit a while and see how things went. Now everyone around us signed (we have 18.92 acres) but our calls to the DPS Penn landman listed on our unsigned last year offer has gone unanswered (we called twice, once before Thanksgiving and last week). I'm not sure how to find another landman.

Today I started emailing and calling some leasing companies but this is not exactly the way I wished to deal with this.

If anyone knows of a good landman in our area or would know why the calls would not be returned I would really apprieciate it.

Thank you.



Try Jim Leone JB Landconsultants they have a great offer right now! His no. 1.330.402.3900

Good luck,


Thanks I will. Looking over this board I also found Ohio Land Management. Would you tell me the offer they are working on?

We found out yesterday the landman who gave a good offer last year (not todays prices though) has moved on. I was told during a few calls around that landman usually do not stay in an area a year or longer.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.


I think the offers are very comparable, and both groups live the area!

Happy New