How to fix a siblings greed

How do I fix what I believe and have seen a sibling falsify documents as far as trusts and will go to steal my minerals rights that were left to me and the sibling when my mother passed away. They I believe are in North Dakota but she has it so I cannot get any information whatsoever. It’s been around for years From my grandfather Bakke passed down heirs to heirs as we passed and I know that none was to change my grandfather’s wishes but she has lied and somehow figured out a way to cut me out. Please let me know what to do.

This will require the services of a ND attorney. Free advice on this website won’t fix the underlying issue.

Although the above is probably good advice, I faced that same situation and was able to solve it all by myself. Deeds, wills, and probate are easily obtained. In my case a sibling who was executrix of the estate kept receiving and cashing the checks for herself for 26 years after the death of the owner! There is very little oversight in this business I found, so such things can very easily happen. In your case, do some of the high priced legal work yourself and obtain the probate files yourself! Might well be more answers there than you would have ever thought to ask. When caught and facing fraud charges, things change around rapidly without delays and costs of lawyers and courts.!

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Listen to Tim and Don. Your diligence can avoid costly attorney research. So supply what you can but enlist a ND attorney.

Don- I think the lack of oversight needs to be laid at the feet of the persons that didn’t keep up with what was theirs in the first place. It is not the oil companies responsibility to keep up with the mineral owners. But I agree with your other comments.

I 100% agree with that and did not intend to suggest otherwise. In my case the original mineral interests were producing from fairly shallow wells that “went dry” and for several generations they were considered of zero value so owners did not bother to keep track of ownership. Then came horizontal drilling deep down and fracking along with better crude prices and suddenly they were valuable again!

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