How to find who the purchaser is?


Is there an easy way when purchasing producing minerals to find out who the purchaser is without contacting the operator? Sometimes is the operator who handles division orders and checks and then sometimes they send it to 3rd party like ETP or Phillips 66.
I’m thinking there might be a website somewhere or database that lists who handles that part?


Let me know if you find out. On myy lease I was flippef 4 times, but ended up with the company I wanted.


Hi Blackgold and Hello to you again, Louise!

Mineral and Royalty Rights are considered Real Property in Texas and many other States, just like land and buildings are. Anything effecting title to the ownership of Real Property must be filed in the Real Property Records of the County where the land or interests are located, which are maintained by the County Clerk’s Office.

Prior to the mid 1980’s or so, County Clerk’s Records were separated into several different sets: Deed Records, Deed of Trust Records, Oil and Gas Records, Miscellaneous Records… a wild assortment.

Beginning in the mid 1980’s, all of the various Records maintained by the County Clerks began to be consolidated into a single format: Official Public Records (OPR) or Official Records (OR) which, by Statute, are allowed to be simply referred to as Real Property Records (RP).

When it comes to Real Property: Land, Minerals, Royalties, producing or not, anything you want to know about who sold or purchased what will be recorded in the Real Property Records of the County.

Fortunately for you newcomers to the world of land title research, the Real Property Records of many Counties, at least beginning with the change over to OPR’s, are now available online, either through the County Clerk’s Offices themselves or through 3rd Party Websites.

Hope this helps -



Which state are you inquiring about? It would make it much easier to answer…


I am in Texas. Sorry I thought I posted the question in a Texas forum.


Yes, all producers file with the Texas Comptrollers website who buys the product and at what price. All public data.


I found it…on the RRC website after calling them. Looks similar to the Production stats, but there is a link somewhere that shows the operator, purchaser, and gatherer.