How to find who owns Section 9-11N-05W in Canadian County (22.6313net mineral acres)

I have been contacted twice to sell the above mineral rights - I didn't know I owned them! It is possible that my mom or dad (both deceased) owned them but nothing in the wills about them. I presume it would need to go through probate to get the mineral rights in my name, but how can I find out whose name is currently on the deed?


Carl Newton (

Hello, Carl:

Canadian County Website would be a great place to start:

particularly the land records search. You will need to call them to obtain a login password.

Hope this helps!


You have to be careful about many of the offers to purchase. I am receiving offer letters for Minerals that I do not own. It seems these companies are sending letters to anyone mention in Wills or Probate that owns any Minerals and they not only send a letter for the actual Minerals owned, but send a letter for each of the surrounding Sections. It may be the research people supplying these list to the companies ( flippers?). When you ask them they sound like they don't know where their ownership information came from but they are just sending out letters to anyone that may have some Minerals. Be careful - ask them why are they contacting you -- and ask for the County Filing information. From what I have found -- they don't have any solid information -- just fishing.... You can visit the County Clerk ( or call ) and look for any Filing that has your parents names. However, if the County has on-line records on the internet -- this is the best way to search for any deeds for example. If you know the Section that can GREATLY help in your search. Also, the offers I have received are very low-ball --- WAY under market -- don't sell unless you get a GREAT price. And remember if you sell -- that's it -- no more possibility of revenue -- most people just lease ( Thats why the company's are try to buy )