How to find well ID?

How to find out well ID? The well location is in the Lavaca County of TX right across from the VFW(old K of C) off the 90A towards Shiner from Hallettsville(located on right hand side). This well finished about June this year. Would like to know more about this well info. Where to or how to go about this? Please any info/advise, thx. Enjoy the cool weather

Below is a link that should take you to the Railroad Commission’s GIS map.

Use the pull-down menu at the top left side of the first page to select Lavaca County, then scroll with your mouse to expand the map and move to the area you are interested in. When you expand the map you will see dots marking well locations and showing the well ID numbers. To find the name of a well, go to the top of the page and click the symbol that looks like a circle with and “i” in the middle, select “wells”, then click the well location symbol and a tab with information on the well should open.

In case you have a problem getting started the map of the area you described is also attached. It’s not expanded enough for you to see the well ID numbers but will give you an idea what you are looking for.

Good morning, Rusty1. Your help is very resourceful & for many others as well like me. Greatly appreciated.
Our lease is located in Wood, JF & 0.5 mile of radius from the site of Abstract# 28559.
My question is how to find out whether or not our lease is included in this well since, Delago rep said is not??? Thank you very much for all of your experts there in this Forum to educating us, enjoy the day.

Below is a link to the plat of Rocky Creek Resources Mixon Unit in the J.F. Wood Survey, Abstract 59 that I’m thinking is the well you are talking about.

At the right side of the plat is a list of the 31 tracts that were included in that 651 acre unit.

Lavaca Co. - Rocky Creek - Mixon Unit Plat.pdf (516.8 KB)

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Good morning, Dusty1. Abstract 59, JF Wood is correct but, the land owners in this abstract have not been named in that pool. According to a Delago Rep. believes they will begin drilling the first part of the new year. How do you suggest the direction we should go to find out if and when any drilling permits will be issued? Much to appreciated for all your time & help, enjoy the day

Having a hard time following what you want. You started out asking how to find the well ID for a well you said was completed in June of this year. Now you are asking how to find out when a permit is issued for a well that hasn’t been drilled yet, right?

Here is the link to the part of the Railroad Commissions website that covers drilling permits. Use the pull down menu at the upper right side that is marked “County” to select Lavaca County, then go to be bottom of the page and put in the period of time you want to search, like Submitted Date From:10/01/2019 to Submitted Date To: 10/01/2019, hit Search and it will pull up all the new drilling permits submitted to RRC during that time period.

Thank you very much for all your help in this maze. Certainly this is difficult as not possible without your expertise as lot to learn from & much to appreciated, sincerely