How to find spacing per section - 80 acres or 160 acres or 640 acres?

How do I go about checking the well density spacing in the section where my land is located? Is there a web site available? I know about the Okla Corp Comm website but have not run across this info in their site. I am trying to ascertain if my siblings and I can have a single well shut down and plugged due to non-feasible very low production.

If you give the section, township and range, then I can look it up for you. You may also be able to find it on the original permit by looking at the OCC well database. Sometimes in the upper right hand side on very old hand written ones. Newer ones may have a spacing order posted on the permit.

Thanks a lot. 3 parcels of land

#1. Sec13 T21N R15W #2. Sec15 T21N R15W E2 #3. Sec16 T21N R15W SE4

#1. Sec13 T21N R15W- which well? there are several. See list below. You can look up the permits on the OCC website. Form 1000. Test. For example, the Strecker #1-13 permit shows 160 acres in the SW4.

#2. Sec15 T21N R15W E2 Looks like the two wells in the east half are done. Leo Strecker #1 and Leo Strecker #15-2 are Plugged and Abandoned, Andrew #15-6 and Don 15-12 are still listed as active. However, Andrew #15-6 is spaced at 640 acres, so will hold your acreage in the east half. Don is also 640 acres, but looks like last production was in 2015.

#3. Sec16 T21N R15W SE4-Strecker 1-16 is still active, however, there are quite a few more gas wells in the section, so if any one of them is at 640 acres, that has to be taken into consideration. Look this section up on the tax site and you will see varying spacings. 80, 160, 320. Differing depths and reservoirs can have overlapping spacings. Shallower depths are usually less than deeper ones. Strecker 1-16 in the SE4 is still active.

You can also go onto the OK tax site and look up the status of the wells. It will tell if they are plugged. This is the list for Section 13. You can hit the blue PUN number (on the website) and see the well activity for the last 12 months -usually about 4-5 months behind on posting. Check your check stubs as they are more timely.

Wow, could you do this for me? I am completely illiterate in this oil business and the changes to this website has really lost me. Live in FL and am familiar with the pun report from OCC Have a very inactive well tying up a lease since 1995. Major County Section 4 T21 R09 NE Qtr. Would love to know what is going on around there but appears to be active. Any other websites you could recommend that would help a beginner? Thanks

I see a rather sickly well called the Bergdall 4-1 in the NE quarter. Is this your well? Here is your OK Tax Site update. Bergdall well production.pdf (37.3 KB)

I see a few leases in section 4 in 2017. Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions is filing for horizontal wells in section 5, 10 and others, so you might get some offers to buy hoping that you don’t know that. Might be good to see what happens if you do not need to sell.

Read the Mineral Help tab above to get some good background. Read a lot of the general mineral discussions and blogs on this website. Ask lots of questions before you consider signing anything!

Thanks for the response. Yes, unfortunately, this is our sickly well. We are only interested in leasing and see a lot of leasing happening all around us but we are tied up with this old one. I had never heard of top leasing and one was offered to us last year but there were many unanswered questions from a company we had never heard of so we passed. Perhaps we missed our opportunity.

I have no idea how horizontal wells work and how they affect the leases. Is there a good resource for learning more about that? Also, is there a web site available where you can find out the active leases in a certain township in Major County?

THANKS again for your help.
You can search in Major County.

I am not a fan of top leasing as it can cause all sorts of trouble. Just my opinion, but here is an article that explains why. An Overview of Recurring and Related Issues Involving Top Leasing.pdf (210.2 KB)

If you are held by an old lease, then the horizontal well will be under the same terms as the old lease.