How to find size of spacing unit?

I am working on figuring net acres for all interests and need to find the spacing unit size for each location.

As an example:

Owner of 1/16 interests in NE/4 SE/4 of 25N 25W Section 22 in Harper County, Oklahoma

Can someone walk me thru determining net acreage on this example. I have the formula to figure decimel interest on leased properties but just having a tough time getting started not knowing where to go to determine spacing unit size. I am somewhat familiar with the OCC website but have not found this info there.

Thanks so much for the help.

The spacing may not have been established yet by the OCC. And, for example, even if the spacing is set for 40 acres for a particular oil zone, later the OCC may approve 640 acres for a gas well from another zone.

As for your net:

The SE/4 is 160 acres (1/4th of a 640 acre section)

The NE/4 of the 160 acres (1/4th of 160 acre quarter section)

Equals 40 acres. 1/16th of that - 40 divided by 16 = 2.5 acres


I show this is the spacing order on the 3 producing units in 22-25N-25W

It looks like 640 acre spacing on all of them.

You can search for the wells here

search on a legal of 2225N25W

That will give you a list of well records. The spacing order and/or the unit size will be listed on the form 1000

You can then search for the order if needed here

Here is the parent imaging site.

Ann & Rick,

Thank you so much for your explanations I think I can figure the rest of them out.

Thanks Again!