How to find records on line


I have a surface and mineral rights lease . How do I find the records in ventura county ca I am being offered a sum of money to buy but don’t know the real value. CRC is making the offer. Need good advice


Moved this over to Ventura County, CA for you.


There are a few questions here. First, on the lease, if you’re interested in keeping the property, CRC is a good company to lease to. They are the old Occidental Petroleum company and are typically good stewards of the land and responsive to their mineral owners. A fair offer for rent/royalty depends upon the net mineral acres that you own.

You likely won’t find recorded documents showing what others are receiving for leases in the area because a shorten form of the lease is typically recorded and it does not give this information.

If you’re looking to sell your land, then this is likely more an real estate broker/agent question.

Hope this helps.


My brother and I received an inheritance several yrs ago. We have been receiving royalties from this. We have two separate leases on property in south mtn. I have been trying to find the recorded docs for this lease. The offer that was made I don’t think was fair. We need to know value as we are not up on this kind of deals. Ron Chunn


If you’re receiving royalties then this should mean that it is already leased and therefore CRC would not be looking to take another lease. Perhaps you have received rents (yearly payments not based on oil production) instead of royalties, which are typically paid monthly and are based on oil production.

Leases will be recorded with the Ventura County recorder’s office. They are hard to find, however, unless you have some information concerning the recording like the document number or book and page numbers that identify the specific document recording information.

If you have current leases, you should be able to ask the oil company (whether it is CRC or otherwise) to provide you with a copy.


Yes it is CRC. I tried going to ventura recordings with a doc # but to no avail. I know one lease is a surface lease. The other is a mineral and oil lease . We receive lease money every 90 days on the active lease. Nothing on the other


I can get copies of documents from Ventura if you have a document number that is accurate. Send it to me. The surface lease is likely an annual rent, but that is not typical when an oil and gas lease is taken. Perhaps they needed the surface to use for oil and gas production for other properties. If you are not receiving any payment on the other lease, then that may still be in its primary period. If I cannot get the document I would suggest that you contact a landman who can look up the property by its legal description and get you copies of the recorded leases.


These leases date back to the 30". APN 108-0-010-08 APN108-0-010-060. and Thank You


Unfortunately, I cannot obtain recorded documents by the APN’s. A landman can do this for you, however. There are many good landmen on this site. I don’t have any specific landmen that I know are located in Ventura County.


I have mineral leases for both producing and potential wells on South Mountain. These are with CRC. I can PM you the CRC landman contact in Bakersfield. Let me know.


When you are talking about a landman, do you mean the land negotiator for CRC?


Yes. In my dealings with him and CRC they were very helpful in providing historical lease information from the 1930s. They use a consulting landman firm locally in Bakersfield that gathers all that information. I was able also to personally get considerable information from the Ventura County Recorders office. Of course, since CRC was interested in negotiating with me on a 5 year rental agreement for the mineral rights there probably was some motivation to assist me. It may be worth a try.


I thank you for that info. Will call him monday