How to find production numbers

It’s been a few years since I needed to determine what a well’s production is. The NDIC web site confuses me. I’m attempting to find production on some new wells I have in T154 R101, the Little Muddy wells. I think the wells are in section 8. 5 new wells were just added and I’m bursting with curiosity. I’ve been poking buttons on my computer on the website and getting more and more confused. Can anyone put me in the right direction?

I looked it up there is only 1 older well in sec. 8 154N 101W. It is in the Todd field and the wells name is Dave Arnson 8-5 1H. Maybe you meant R100 not R101. I did find 2 new wells in sec 8 154N 100w called the little muddy 1H and 2H. Nine point was the operator. They are on the confidential list in the Williston spacing unit. The 1H sold 33195 barrels of oil and 25265 units of gas in May. In June the 1H sold 31298 barrels of oil and 15625 units of gas. The 2H sold 21617 barrels of oil and 18867 units of gas in May. In June the 2H sold 15625 barrels of oil and 9780 unit of gas. If you figure out where your new wells are actually at you can look their production on the NDIC web site. Look on the left hand side and click on General statistics, then click on monthly production, then click on the month you want to look at. Once the page opens up hit control and f on your key board at the same time . This will open a box that will let you search the document. I typed in little muddy and found the 2 wells I listed above. Just a note: Sometimes the search box will say no matches found, It is a glitch, hit enter or search anyway. Hope this was helpful.

Thank you. It was very helpful. It is the Little Muddy wells in the Williston field that I was trying to look up. Thank you for the information. Most helpful.