How to find production activity

Hi everyone, I have interest in a few wells I haven’t received checks for in the last couple of years. When I look them up on the Oklahoma well search database they show as active. How can I find out if there has been production and I just haven’t been contacted due to the operator changing or something like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Cummins #1 Hughes Co, 29-8N-9E, Xanadu operator, 19754 Whiteley 1-A Hughes Co, 33-8N-9E, Rayland Operating, 23674 Outlaw #1 Hughes Co, 9-7N-8E, Rocky Roads Operating, 24395

You can look up production on the OTC tax site. Type in the well name or the location.

You can search by lease name as follows:

The key is to have Search By LeaseName highlighted. Then search for active leases. Then click production. Here are results for Cummings #1

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Thank you both. Much appreciated. I will take a look and see what I can find. Johnnie

So if I’m looking at the information on the Cummins 1 above, it does look like it’s active. So is there any reason that the same company that I use to get checks from would stop sending them if they didn’t sell the lease? Thanks again for the help. Johnnie

The best thing to do is contact the operator and ask. It is possible that your division order has a minimum of $100 and the revenue has not accrued to that much. They are supposed to pay once a year. That particular well has had very low production for many years and doesn’t look like they pick up a load very often.

Thank you. Good thought. I will do that. Johnnie

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