How to find out when a permitted well is begun


Section 11, Block 3, H&GN Survey, Reeves Co.

Permitted info is: api 42-38938121, lease name: kath 3-11, well #656H, operator Diamondback (217012). RRC filings show permit has been approved.

How does one know when the rig is on-site other than driving out there and looking? The logical answer would be to have someone from the operating company to let me know but so far I am not finding these Diamondback people so easy to get in contact with.




One way to find out is to check the drilling permit. Near the top of permits will be several boxes, one labeled “Spud Date”, one labeled “Drilling Completed”, and one labeled “Surface Casing Date”.

Your well was spud on 03/07/2019. The surface casing is dated 03/14/2019. However, there is no completion date yet. I don’t think the companies always get around to listing the completion date right away. IOW, it may be completed but they don’t say. However, you do know that your well is underway. Congratulations!

Here’s a link to your Drilling Permit. Permit



Ah, yes, very obvious now. Thx so much for sharing this info with me. I’m gonna drive out there and check it out!!!



Just FYI, it took our well 16 months from spud date to actually producing.