How to find out if we have rights to other areas?

We have rights to section 25 Reeves county. We heard that possibly our family member has more that we could be entitled to. How can I find out how many locations he has rights to?

You’ll have to do a title search and run out every mineral related ownership your ancestor received. That could result in nothing, or a lot. You could go to the courthouse and do a search of your family member’s name as a Grantee and see what all you find in regards to him receiving interest in other sections. Limit it to the years you think he or she was in the area. If it’s only a couple sections, that would be easy enough for you to run out on your own. If it’s more like 20 or so sections, you might want to hire a Landman to do it for you. I don’t know if this person purchased or inherited. If it’s inheritance, that’s more complicated. That’s not something you can usually figure out unless you know who he inherited from. If you do know, then that’s the name you want to search for. Then you’ll want to run the title back to the beginning, and bring it forward to present. I recommend going to an abstract office once you have your section info from your courthouse search, and use the abstract office to build a runsheet. That will limit the amount of indexing you’ll have to do in the courthouse. You can access websites for Reeves County, but I don’t think any of them go back to sovereignty. Courthouse is the best bet. You can do a google search on how running title works for more details. There’s also resources on this website.

Thank you. I do know who it all began with. May i have teh website where I would go to see if I can look up his name?