How to find out if the lessee of your mineral rights is telling you the truth about drilling, etc

Hi to all,

This is Kathleen, again. The mineral rights I own are on the Nobrara shale, just a little way from where "Jake" is located. In the last 4 months, I have received a number of offers from people wanting to buy the rights, even though the property is leased for the next 2 years. The offers range from unknown amounts to $1000 + per acre. I have spoken to the company I'm leasing to and have requested copies of any and all documents carrying my signature. I was told that they'd be sent, immediately, then the person came back on the phone and said some "site" was down and it would be sent later. That was a week ago. Maybe, everything is okay, but now I'd like to find a way to confirm what is happening on the ground. I've been told they are drilling, and assured that "I'll (probably) never be poor, again". But, the more I read about "dealing" with oil companies, the more I want more "real information" about what is going on.

Can I just enter the coordinates for the property on Google and ask about activity there? Any help would be appreciated.