How to Find Out If a Well is Producing and How Much

Geosouthern drilled two new wells in Fayette County. The Wolf and the Frannie, both from one drill site. There is now gas flaring and a lot of activity as well as a new pipeline being constructed in the area. Is there a way to find out if product is being produced and how much?

Usually no public information is available until the operator files their first monthly production report with the Railroad Commission or they start reporting sales to the State Comptroller’s CONG site. It looks like Geosouthern hasn’t filed anything yet on either of those wells. The first reports will show up on RRC’s website in pending status under the permit number for the well (Wolf is 849634 and Frannie 849579)

The only other source might be a royalty owner in those units who negotiated a requirement in their lease that Geosouthern provide them copies of drilling, completion and flowback reports, and in those cases the lease usually says they have to keep any information they are given confidential.

Thank You for the info.

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