How to find out about future oil production and future value

I inherited a few acres of royalty in Custer Co. This is a new area they are drilling called the Stack. I have had offers to buy my mineral rights. I am getting what I think are good offers but don't know if I should sell. I don't need to sell. What if the minerals will pay off better if I kept them? I don't know anything about the future production or if it would be better to hang on to them? How do I find out more about the production area that my minerals are in and if I should sell?

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but it appears that you have answered your own question. You don't know about the future production and don't need the money, but someone wants what you have because they made you an offer. Now, I suggest that you begin your education on O&G 101 and the production area your minerals are in. You may be glad that you took the time to research what you inherited.

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Hey Jones. Custer county is deeper and likely gassy (traditionally considered a bad thing), HOWEVER people like Apache and others are starting to drill for gas again since oil is also in the dumps. I'm a geologist in OKC whose looked at some maps before, I'll send you a message if you want to talk specifics.