How to find location and directions to a well

I was wondering this may be a silly question but if they do drill three horizontal wells will they complete all three before it goes on the Okla.Tax site you were referring to that you watch? Or will they post individually. Vickey

It depends. Each well will be listed individually by name on the OK well records site with permit, spud, completion and found by their surface location. The OK tax site will list by name when they become active because the state wants their taxes! If the same company is drilling both wells, they usually finish both and turn them on pretty close in time together. It saves a lot of money to do the frac jobs on both at the same time.


Thank you for that information. I think if the first one goes well there will be 2 more drilled a total of 3 time will tell, also they seem to be drilling In an odd direction according to picture on the exhibit that was filed. Vickey

I noticed on the site it shows 3505125116 STONECLOUD #0605 14-13-2WXH and

3505125115 STONECLOUD #0605 14-13-1WXH then reads 1 of 3 , 2 of 3 does this mean they have done 2 so far and still like one more total3? Or is this just what they plan to do but have just done one so far? Thank you. Vickey

Form 1000 - Permit Form 1001A- Spud

So two permits so far and Stonecloud 2WXH has spud.

Hi Don I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I found the Well location of 14 6N 5W that you took the picture of for me > CD2023-001389 and 1387 I believe, now I notice the drilling rig is gone. I was told the second well was being drilled and I was trying to see the location of the second,. I believe there will be three and all in 14 running through 13 to the bordering boundary of McClain section 18. Tried looking at the map and according to it they appear to be side by side in 14 spaced apart of course. But will I be able to see the next two or will I not due to another section blocking the East side of 14? I’m still learning all these things thank you so much for your help. Vickey

Not sure what is going on Vickey. The rig was still there last time I was by, but that’s been a few weeks. Give me a couple of days and I will go by there and see if there is any activity. I only see one spud report, but those are not always timely filed. I am watching another well being drilled and no spud report has been filed to date that I have seen. Been almost 6 weeks on that one.

According to the Enverus rig tracker, the rig is gone. Stonecloud 0605 14-13-2WXH was spud. No notice for the #1 well posted yet. No frac notice for the #2 well that was spud.

M.Barnes so does that mean they did in fact drill 2 wells? But we know nothing more about them yet ?Meaning whether it was a dry hole or what? I saw 1 well drilled don’t know what to call it but it was sticking up out of the ground snd tanks were present, the rig was gone but I couldn’t see where the second well was drilled. They showed possibly 3 going in but I was on the west side of 14 looking east that is where the rig was setup. I wasn’t sure if the second well was farther east and just couldn’t see it, maybe only one side of entry but I’m not sure. I know they were running them through 13 which ends at section 18 McClain County. But they were running the horizontal lines an odd direction according to the wells direction around them and the map unless I’m really confused and that is a possibility lol. Thank you Vickey

Thank you Don. I was on the West side of 14 looking East that was where I saw the rig then it was gone and I saw a well head sticking up out of the ground and tanks set up. I couldn’t tell where the second one was going if it was farther East, I may be turned around but I thought they were running the horizontal wells an odd direction according to the wells around the area on the map. And I believe their plans were to drill 3 but if the rig is gone and not just moved to the third location they may not but I can’t find the second well so not sure where the third would be lol. . But I guess first is to make sure you know where to look lol. I saw the sign posting the direction to the rig where we turned North but is there only one side of entry to 14/13? Thanks and there is no hurry I just like to see it happening and I’ll probably go again just want to see the wells. Thank you again, Vickey

According to public data, only one of the wells was spud and it was the #2. It has not been fracked yet according to May have only set the surface casing.

Martha, I followed your instructions and looked up the new Blue Mesa wells on the web site. I found four wells that have active dates of 06/11/2024. I know this is too recent to show production, but doesn’t this mean it is producing? Thanks for all your help!

Yes, the Black Mesa wells are now listed as active, so amounts will show up in about four - five months.