How to find length and bore diameter of well for % calculations

HI All, Where would I find the length and bore diameter of a well in a specific location as well as the overall to verify percentage is correct in upcoming Division Orders. I know the correct method of calculations but I need these numbers to do it. These have been spud and are now at the start of production testing. Based on an email from Pioneer I should see DOs in about 1-1/2 months. Blk 37, T-5-S, Sec 5, SE/4. I know there is a 40 acre square tract below me that is not included in this so the length is short. API # 32944549, #32944550 well #4413H and #4315H. Abstract A-488, Leo5B Thank you in advance. MK

Go to the RRC website - Online Research Queries - Completion Query. Enter you API number for the completion report. Look at the Completion Report and find the length of the productive lateral wellbore from first takepoint (FTP) to last takepoint (LTP). This is the as-drilled plat, and will differ from the permit plat. The plat will show the various tracts and how many feet of the productive lateral are on each tract. For an allocation well, the formula is based on the number of feet of productive lateral on your tract divided by the total number of feet of productive lateral. Then you apply your fractional mineral interest and your royalty rate. Sometimes the final plat is missing some data and you may have to ask the operator for a plat with the exact tract lengths.


Again TennisDaze to my aid. Thank you for the detailed instructions. They are much appreciated. I found what I needed from that info. :slight_smile: Sincerely, MK