How to find inherited mineral rights?


My father recently passed away, and I am the representative for his estate. I believe he owns some mineral rights in Eddy County, near Hope, but I don't have any paperwork to show it. My father's father (also deceased) for sure owned the mineral rights; I do have paperwork to prove that. When my grandfather passed, my father inherited most of his estate. My grandfather did not have a will, but my father was the representative for his estate, and kept all the paperwork. I do not see any mention of mineral rights in the probate paperwork for my grandfather.

Are these rights worth pursuing, and, if so, how do I pursue them? I have called the county clerk's office, abstract companies, title companies, oil companies, etc. to no avail. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!


If you can get to Midland, TX you can go to Caprock and check out the tract books. You'll just need to know the legal description. Or you can hire a landman to do the work for you. You'll need an Affidavit of Heirship for your father if he didn't have a will.


You might try contacting the Eddy Co. Clerk's office either by phone or email and ask them if they would look into your question. I had real good luck with them in preparing a Quit Claim Mineral Deed. They were very helpful.

Also, on their website they state they are making records available for online searching this month. I don't know if this is on track but might be worth checking out.

"Records are not available online at this time; however, we are currently in the process of converting to software which will facilitate online access. We estimate the project will be completed by December, 2017."


Hi Marti. Were you able to get the documents you were looking for? My situation is similar but I don’t have any documents at all. I was contacted by a landman starting that I have rights.
Any comments are appreciated

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I have been doing the same thing for over a year now, I will tell you it is NOT an easy task. I was able to track some down by having the producers name and going backwards (look at your fathers bank records for deposits with an oil producers name on it). Problem is, the producer who sent your father and grandfather checks will not even talk to you, and the county clerks offices seem to think they should protect the records as well. I have been able to track down 7 leases so far by doing it the hard way, and have three KNOWN producers yet to get facts on… There seems to be a conspiracy. The county clerks don’t want to disturb their solitare game to give you information, he oil producer is very happy since he does not have to send you a check. So far I have not found an attorney or landman who is even remotely interested in tracking them down either… I would be happy to share what I have learned if you want my help, but I am neither an attorney or a landman. My case has been further aggravated by an executor having cashed and kept the checks for 21 years! The producers seem afraid that they will owe me for all the stolen royalty payments I guess, regardless of motivation, it has been a long struggle and is still going on.
Good luck!

#9 has most of the documents on file for several states and will possibly have the docs you are looking for. Look also to see if they were sold by the state, county, or city for unpaid taxes. Search the name as grantor and as grantee in separate searches. Also check with the Texas Railroad Commission. Both are very useful websites that have been a tremendous benefit for me after I inherited minerals and surface in West Texas. Good luck!

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