How to find information about a well seen on a satellite map?


Hi all, I recently inherited some 50 acres of minerals in Pott. On the satellite image I see an active well in my section, Sec 5 10N 2E at 35.375802 N Lat x -97.124236 W Long, but I can’t find it in the OCCOG data files.

Nice to see an active well there but would like to know more. Vertical/horizontal, formation, gas?, oil, volume.
Anybody know what well this is?


Vertical Gas Well - JULIA WATTS 1 Active Date- 11/19/2012
API 35.125.23778
PUN #: 125.209198.0.0000
Hunton Formation - Lease Acreage- 160 Irregular spaced.
Producing from the W/2 NW/4 of Section 5-10N-2E and the E/2 NE/4 Section 6-10N-2E

Surface location SW/4 NW/4 NW/4 NW/4 5-10N-2E
35.375688, -97.123926 (that is about 100’ of your given coordinates.)


Thank you Rick for the quick reply. That sounds like the well! My minerals are in the N/2 SE/4 Sec 5-10N-2E. I recently heard from a land man about a lease and was wondering who was operating in the area. If I can ask, where did you find that info?


This is a decent source for producing wells
it will come up with your legal of 05-10N-2E. Sometimes multi section wells can be tricky.

The OCC well browse also will locate it.

I use 3rd party subscription apps, but 90% of the data is available from public searches.


Thank you Rick for helping out the newbie :slight_smile: