How to find drilling information on property south of Pecos, just west of Hwy 285

My sister and I both own property (both surface rights and mineral and gas rights) in the s/w 4 of the S/W 4 of Section 14, Block 5, H & GN. We leased for three years in February of 2017. I received a call from Texas today from a very nice lady seeking information regarding other heirs of this property that my grgrandfather purchased in 1917. She indicated that she needed the information for a (?) drilling opinion. Felt that they had a permit to drill and although my sister and I had signed and completed the affidavit of hiership on our portion, not all cousins had done so.

How can I find out if the permits are taken out and what the progress towards possibly drilling might be? Trying to keep a handle on this since this last lease was a very difficult one to complete and want to be sure that we have current facts regarding this area.


From what I can tell you and your sister will have interest in well API 389-36066 and 36041.

This link is to the approved drilling permit for well 36066:

After clicking on this permit scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the plat map.

All these 6 wells in this Section 14 have been approved to 10,500' to 10,800' into the Wolfcamp formation. COG Operating(Concho Oil and Gas) is the operator.

The red square in the left corner at the bottom of map should be your S/W 4 of the S/W 4.......

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 14/Block 5:


Clint Liles

Thanks so much! Our lease is wth COG. So this looks like they are drilling now?