How to find correct volume of gas Texas RRC vs Monthly Statement

I have 19 wells located in the Permian Basin near Midland, TX.

In July gas was reported as 463,122 (Texas RRC) In August gas was reported as 989,800 (Texas RRC) 53381 (3), 53399 (3), 53431 (1), 53457 (3), 53495 (3), 53502 (3), 53536 (3)

My August payment for gas should have been 2x that of July, assuming gas prices stayed the same. My actual payment for August was just a little over what I got for July.

How do you go about finding which is correct? The RRC#'s or the statement #'s. I feel the #'s reported to the Texas RRC were GROSSLY over valued. Is Exxon required to correct the Texas RRC #'s if found that they are in error? Has anybody experience anything similar?

Note: I have sent an email to Exxon and am waiting on a reply. However, from previous experiences it could take months to get an answer.

I asked the same Question about mine. check Gas Payments in the general mineral rights discussion and you can see the responses I got. Good Luck

Another place you can compare sales volumes and prices is the State Comptroller’s website CONG at this link

Go to the page marked Lease Drop - Natural Gas and enter the 6 digit lease number for a well you want to check and the month or time period you want to see, written as 2107 for July, 2021.

That will show you the sales volume and price reported to the Comptroller for severance taxes.

I went there and pulled the #'s. If I plug them into my projection formula they come very close to projected monthly $'s.

It’s just mind blowing that they report these #'s to the comptroller but an entirely different set (almost 2x the comptroller #'s) to the RRC. It seems they should have 1 set of reporting #'s and everyone should work off those #'s. But hey, why keep things simple.

Thanks for your response.

Yes sir. something don’t seem right. Just can’t put my finger on it.

You have to know which meter is being read. Some reports are from the wellhead and some are from the tailgate of the plant after plant products have been taken out. There is line loss along the way. Rarely match your statements, just “close” as sometimes the gas is back calculated, so that adds another complicating factor.

I’m new at this (about a year). I pulled the regular gas #'s (RG code 3) from the RRC and the Comptroller Office for Jan-Aug 2021. For Jan-Jul the average difference between the RRC (production) and the Comptroller Office (sales) was +9,000 units. In August the RCC was +510,349 units over the Comptroller Office. That’s no small error.

I’ve pointed this out to Exxon/XTO but my gut feeling is that they are not going to do anything to fix the Aug RRC #'s. I got back a response that basically read - That’s a production problem but you were paid correctly based on sales. AKA - not my job to worry about it.

This was just an exercise in futility just to convenience myself I was paid correctly (as the RRC #'s bother me greatly) as when I plug-in the comptroller office #'s to my forecast spreadsheet it comes close (good enough for government work) to what I expected.

Yes sir they will do you that way. Did me that way with a (It is what It is) response on the acreage on mine. Had to hire an attorney. After blowing smoke to me the smoke cleared with the attorney. It was worth the trouble and cost. That being said I did alot of studying and research so I new I was right.