How to find acreage or revenue decmial


I have been offered 3000.00 per acre for mineral rights in section 02-12N-07W in Canadian county.This is Alfdale Farms well. I have inherited these but i am not sure how many acres i have. How would i find this out. Was told to call stoneoak for info but i have not heard back yet. I would appreciate the help in this topic.


I moved this over to the Canadian County, OK area.
That offer is really low compared to what I have heard.

Chaparral Energy has pending horizontal well there. You should have gotten paperwork from them. If not, then check the following cases on the OCC link and check for your ancestor’s name. You need to get your name and address to the attorney.



201806892 Type the case number into the case # box.

I have wells just to the north of you and they are doing quite well hence many offers to buy. I am not selling as they are starting to drill additional wells in the sections.


Thanks for the help. I was told now to contact Chaparral energy for more info. Since you seem to know more about this than i do. What would be the steps to finding out if my father had more wells. use the link you gave me? i was told Chaparrel filed for spacing in that section and named me as a respondent. any more advice would be a big help . thanks


Hi , I am still having problems tracking down my mineral interest.I can’t get a hold of Matt at chaparral energy. Was told to contact him.


Step one: Go ahead and send Matt a letter and an email at Chaparral. They have thousands of folks that they are trying to contact in the area, so may take a while to get a response.

Step two: Try and see if you can find your dad’s name listed there. Not all counties in OK are there, but most are.


Actually, for Canadian County you will need to visit:

I took a quick look and don’t see an probate order or deed naming you. You may need to have a probate to clear up title issues if you either decide to sell or lease.

Most counties are on A handful of other counties are either on their own platforms or one provided by some other provider.

I provided links that should make it easier to lookup details. Oklahoma County Clerk Land Record Search - Winblad Law PLLC Edmond Oklahoma


no offense, but Norton just blocked that OK County Clerk site as Very Dangerous. Just an FYI . Do you know why?


No idea, they seem to open for me but I don’t have Norton.


Thank you. The rights were left to my mother Ruby Haydock. when my step father Leo Haydock pasted.Then when my mother passed they were left to my sister and i. She has power of attorney over the will . I am trying contact Matt at Chaparral but do not have his email. I would appreciate any help.


Randall, There is an attorney listed on the OCC documents. Call them and ask for Matt’s email


Thanks very much. Will do so.