How to evaluate minerals for estate

160 acres Sec 3 Non 36 T 1S either a 1/3 or 2/3 share rate 25% 3 year if they ever drill there also some other wells all vertical

How do I figure the actual value of this? I need to do some estate stuff and everyone I have asked just does the shoulder shrug.

Ok thank you. I thought it had to be evaluated for step up cost basis at time of inheritance and have no idea


You may try reaching out to some of the land devices companies that have been in midland for decades. They may be able to help. Shaw interests or doug furgeson or landsmith, might be able to help you out!

Land services companies*** not devices sorry

Caroline, Waterson Calhoun, of Crest Engineering Services, did a historical valuation for Martin Co. royalty property I inherited in 1976. Contact info: W. Waterson Calhoun, P.E.

CREST Engineering Services, Inc.

2600 Robertson Road

Tyler, Texas 75701

903-253-0452 (o)

903-642-0055 (f)

CREST Process Systems

ASME Code Vessels and Production Equipment

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Caroline, are you trying to value it now or at time of inheritance?

If from inheritance, was it producing, non producing but leased, or not leased?

I have often seen where value might be $10 for all non leased lands, if leased recently but not yet drilled, might be the amount of the bonus payment, and if producing it is a multiple of the cash flow.

Now if it was subject to an estate tax return, there should be a back up schedule supporting the value the executor used.