How to do self Probate in North Dakota

My sister’s and I have Over Riding Royalties in Mckenzie County, ND, which our father left to us. We had an “Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest” filed and notarized in Montana. Now we are told by Continental Oil, we need to probate the Royalty Interest in ND. Is it easy to do the probate ourselves through the County Recorder or should we go through a Lawyer? We are trying to be cost efficient. Thank you for any advice!

You need legal assistance. Try the Johnson Law Firm in Watford City or the Fleck Firm.

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Since attorneys hire other attorneys to do their family’s probate work, it is probably best to at least visit with some to understand the pricing. Most will quote a flat fee or estimate.

Thank you. Have you used either of these Law Firms? I appreciate your information

I appreciate your feedback.

Yes. The Johnson Firm won a case in the ND Supreme Court and the Fleck Firm probated multiple ancillary estates.

I agree they you need a local attorney. Even though I am a lawyer in a state other than ND (my grandfather and father were ND attorneys), I would never have attempted a ND probate myself. I used the Johnson firm in Watford City for a number of these issues over the last decade and really liked them. However, I am not a fan of the Fleck firm. Good luck.

I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again!