How to do a deed search in Oklahoma

I need to prove ownership through Grandma for mineral rights in Okfuskee Co. How do I go about searching and obtaining the filed deed? I don’t have a copy.

The first place you can look is in
The digital records only go back so far. If you cannot find it there, you may have to go to the courthouse to look or hire a landman to look for you.

If your grandmother or anyone else inherited their ownership through a probate and the Final Order was not filed with the County Clerk you can also search This will allow you to find the full probate proceeding and any of its documents. It is best to initially search very broadly by just putting in the last name and first name.

You also might what to visit: Oklahoma has two systems for court records. Often records are available for on the one listed above, If there has not been a probate filed it is never too late in Oklahoma. In fact, it is possible to probate estates of several generations in one case.