How to compel oil co. to release royalties held in suspense

Whiting Oil has for several years now maintained that the ownership to the section of which I own a small percentage (through inheritance down several generations - there are 65 owners today) township 153N Range 98 West Section 12 is “convoluted” and therefore they are holding royalties in suspense until they get a Court Order. 45-50 of 65 owners representing more than 70% of mineral rights signed a “stipulation of interest and cross conveyance”. Whiting responded they would put us in pay status only when ALL sign or when they receive a Court Order. Does anyone have any insight about this section, or Whiting’s actions? (I own a small percentage in another section with the same “convoluted” ownership, and the oil company has been paying royalties). Does anyone know how I would go about getting a court order? Thanks in advance.

Start a quiet title case setting out everyone’s interests.

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