How to claim family oil wells from the 1920?

Who would contact regarding unclaimed oil wells in Oklahoma dating back to 1920’s that my great grandfather owned?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “unclaimed oil wells”, but if you can post a legal description (Section-Township-Range) then someone can look up the status of any wells on that land.

Most of us are not sure how to respond considering your question is being asked almost 100 years letter. Even though you may have located some paper work you need to think about the 20`s market crash where many OK residents lost everything and many sold their minerals to hang on to their real estate. If I remember correctly at one time OK taxed the minerals like real estate and they may have been sold for nonpayment. Ownership could also have been lost due to adverse possession or quiet title actions by others.

I wish you luck but think your ownership chances are remote. If there is Family ownership keep in mind your Great Grandfathers ownership will sub divide each generation where what may have been 100% now grants you a fraction.

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