How to audit production for individual wells

I am looking for suggestions on where to go or what company can help me audit individual well production. The RRC site will only audit individual leases. There are some companies that can help do this but they need digitized check details which I do not have for the last 5 years so I need to go about getting this information myself. For the last 5 years, I have been underpaid on my oil and gas royalties and my certified letters go unanswered. Also, any suggestions on how to go about initiating a lawsuit for theses unpaid royalties? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Before you hire the attorneys you need to be aware two audits are required to fully prove the facts. There is a numbers audit and there should also be a field (site audit) audit. The field audit may find unpaid wells or the opposite being former producers shut-in or plugged. This is not cheap so you need to comfort yourself the shortage numbers justify the action. Additionally, if you proceed, ask up front if that audit party is willing to testify if a court action moves forward.

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How do you know you have been underpaid?

There is a NARO webinar on this exact topic on January 21. The focus is what you can do yourself before you hire professional help.