How to access recent purchase/sales of NMA in Howard county

I am interested in seeing comps for NMA purchases

You may want to move this over to Howard County so local folks can see it. Also, put in the correct state.

Thank you. I am new to this site. How do I move it over to Howard County, Texas?

Moved it for you. You may get better answers if you give a general legal location as prices vary due to geology which may change over the county area.

Prices vary wildly across Howard County. Iā€™d need to know your legal description to give you accurate numbers.

Hello, I noticed your response and it seemed that you would be able to provide some idea of typical valuations in Howard County. The legal description of the land in which I am a mineral owner is: SW4 of Section 36, Block 34, A-1273, Howard County, Texas. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Kathryn13

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Valuations vary from section to section and include quite a few differentiating factors to determine value. However, it looks like SM Energy just permitted a horizontal in the unit Baxter2544WA that includes the property you described. The permit was approved at the end of June this year. Attached is a plat of the unit with the horizontal going through your tract (5).Baxter2544.pdf (550.1 KB)