How much are mineral rights worth when selling property?

We are selling the family farm in Coleman County TX. 1200 acres approx 5 miles east of Santa Anna. In my mind we had agreed NOT to hold onto the mineral rights as we were receiving virtually nothing compared to years gone by. Now comes along an offer to purchase a parcel of land and one sister starts squawking she wants to keep her share of the minerals because “Daddy said never sell the minerals!!”. BIG family feud. She is adamant. The deal dies. SO if we give her what she wants, how much does retaining 25% of the minerals affect the purchase price per acre? She has visions that a miracle of technology will find the next Spindletop under our land where shallow stripper wells have been pumping for the last 100 years. If she gets cash + 25% of minerals, I feel she should compensate the other 3, even if it is only a token amount. If her demand to retain minerals drops offer prices by $100 an acre, that’s a whole 'nuther story. All insights are appreciated.

How much of a premium is the buyer willing to pay for the land including the minerals as opposed to surface only? Perhaps you should contact a mineral broker like forum advertiser Hilltop Royalties and find out what 1200 net mineral acres with existing production is worth. While I am not in the never, ever sell minerals camp, selling minerals with existing production for a hundred dollars an acre would not be a consideration. The existing oil wells may have recovered only a fraction of the original oil in place.

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