How many members atr there in Tuscarawas county

I have been trying to join a local group of landowners that are currently

locked into an old lease that was entered into for the clinton sands formation.

The Utica shale and horizontal drilling technology have in at least my opinion

changed the rules. any comments would be welcomed

Google "f&m ohio valley land owners" and go from there.

In our area (Salem TWP), a local farmer latched on to the initial offer and has received his bonus. I'm not aware of any in the landowners group receiving a check yet, but I don't live in the area and may not hear.

Our family has only 43 acres. We are blessed with good deer and turkey hunting and the occasional timber sale, and I guess now with a mineral lease!

I am locked into an old lease and therefore not able to negotiate a lease. Seems unfair to me also. But haven't heard of anyone complaining or doing anthing about it. Seems like a class action suit is called for. Anyone else in Tuscarawas county interested in doing this?